Real Estate Marketing Companies - 3 Grave Mistakes When Choosing An Agency

If you are in the process of looking at different real estate marketing companies, to choose an agency to handle your lead generation. Make sure to read this whole article, because what you are going to find might keep you from ever hiring an agency to do all your marketing work.

Before I get into the 3 grave mistakes in hiring real estate marketing companies, let me give you 1 big tip when it comes to building your real estate business.

YOU ARE IN A SALES BUSINESS, built on your ability to prospect and generate leads everyday.

The more effective you are at bringing in new people into your sales funnel everyday. The more homes you'll sell every month, and ultimately the more money you'll make.

Once you realize this, real estate becomes easy and systematic. You'll no longer go through up and downs with your commissions.

When hiring a real estate marketing agency, you should ask yourself 3 main questions. If you can't answer them, you are not in a good place to hire out your lead generation.

First, do you currently have a daily routine devoted to prospecting?

If you don't, you are in no place to hire out your marketing.

Prospecting, especially the face to face type, is your core business and it's one of the only things you can fully control.

I recommend, scheduling yourself up for 1hr of direct prospecting, either face to face or in person, everyday. By prospecting everyday, you will get key insights on what type of marketing you should hire out to an agency.

Without these insights, you might be spending thousands of dollars every month on useless tactics that will never pay out.

Second, if something is overly cheap and over-promising, 97% of the time it won't get you any business.

Everyday thousands of agents are taken advantage of, by over aggressive marketing companies that promise the world for a few hundred bucks.

The truth is, effective marketing in real estate takes a lot of money and a lot of time.

Ask them...

"What exactly are you going to do for me and how will this get me business?"

If they can't give you a straight answer, don't give them any money.

Lastly, ask yourself... how in touch am I with marketing knowledge and techniques?

Do you know how to generate leads via the internet and offline?

If you can't directly answer that, more than likely you will get taken advantage of by real estate marketing companies.

Not because they are bad companies, but because they know nothing about your business, what you are currently looking to do and more than likely their service product will not produce for you.

I encourage you to learn how to market yourself, both online and offline. Once you know how to generate leads everyday on your own, then you can look to outsource the individual tasks being performed.